This blog is dedicated to one of the most underrated acts of the 1980s: Thompson Twins.

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Track: Storm on the Sea
Artist: Thompson Twins
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Storm on the Sea  |  Thompson Twins

This song was on a mix tape given to me by a girlfriend; it’s amazing how just hearing it (or most any of the songs on the tape) can bring back….well, not memories, necessarily, but a general feeling of the mid-80s/end of high school, start of college time in my life. Is there a word for that? It’s sort of “nostalgia” but not exactly—it’s more of a “feeling of a particular time in one’s life.” I was thinking of either “zeitgeist” or “weltschmerz” but looking up the exact definitions, it’s neither of those, either.


On this day in music history: September 17, 1985 - “Here’s To Future Days”, the fifth album by the Thompson Twins is released. Produced by Nile Rodgers and Tom Bailey, it is recorded at Marcadet Studios and Guillaume Tell Studios in Paris, France and Skyline Studios in New York City from Early - Mid 1985. Issued as the follow up to the hugely successful “Into The Gap”, the band will start the album with longtime producer Alex Sadkin, but the sessions will be aborted when Tom Bailey suffering from nervous exhaustion, is ordered to rest by his doctors. Nile Rodgers will be enlisted to take over production, scrapping the material previously recorded and starting fresh. The album will spin off three singles including “Lay Your Hands On Me” (#6 Pop) and “King For A Day” (#8 Pop), “Here’s To Future Days” will peak at number twenty on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


tom bailey - if you were here

saw tom bailey perform an extended version of “if you were here”, and i’m not over it yet. loved the performance, love the new version of the song, love that i got to see him doing this, live.